Year In Review - Studio Sessions

My Favorite Studio Sessions 2014

This was the year that my work in the studio really took off. I did a lot of studio personally with The Identity Project (it was kind of like my self-imposed studio bootcamp) and I did a lot professionally too. I love putting together these posts because I am a very sentimental person and looking back over all of the galleries brings up a lot of good memories. Here's just a sampling of my favorite studio sessions from 2014, enjoy! 

I'm so thankful to all of the companies that hired me to do indoor not so corporate headshots because one of them resulted in me having a bunch of billboards around SF. You might recognize the photo below if you've driven in over the Bay Bridge and looked to your left - thank you, New Relic! It is so thrilling to see one of your images on a billboard! 

Last month I went out to a high school in SF where my friend works with a group of amazing teenagers and I was able to bring in my studio set up, so they could have some high resolution/professional photos as a reward for all of their hard work this year. I had a blast at the high school and the kids were just great! There was a lot of Snapchatting going on during the session, so I can only imagine the behind the scenes coverage that this session got, ha! Here's a few of my favorite images from that afternoon. 

These next photos were from a family session that I did in the studio and their Dad had asked me to get a few shots of the boys in their basketball uniforms after the formal family shots. Of course, right?! I love these photos because I'm endlessly fascinated by sibling relationships (I love being a big sister) and up until this point in the session they boys had been super well behaved, almost too straight faced, so when I got this shot I was stoked because they truly capture the boy's relationships with one another. 

These next few photos are of the incredibly beautiful and smart Maxie McCoy. She is such a special woman that endlessly inspires me and we did a photo session because she's working on relaunching her website next year and she needed a few new promo shots. We did a combo session - studio/outdoor - and my cheeks hurt after our session from smiling so much. Maxie is a force to be reckoned with and I know that she is going to do big big things next year. I love these photos because she bought some balloons to be photographed with and when we were in the studio, they were less than cooperative, although she did try!  

These next few photos are important to me because they have two of my favorite people in them - Nicole Delger and my business coach, Nina Kaufman in them. I did this studio session with them because they recently launched a 6 week e-course called Brand Strong that will help any small business owner take it to the next level. I wish that there had been a course like this when I launched my business because I would've been immediately set up for success. I love and respect these two women so much and I'm so excited about this collaboration between them! They took a lot of time and care putting together Brand Strong, so you know it is going to rock! 

The most fun I had in the studio this year was when I photographed the lookbook for 3rd Season Designs.  They're an LA based company and if you've been to Renegade Craft Fair the past few years, you've definitely meet the girls that own the company. I love their work and we had talked about doing a shoot together for a long time, so when they shipped me their entire line of clothing to photograph, I was elated! I asked a model friend of mine, Jen, to come in and she was delightful to photograph and I love the final images. 3rd Season Designs is a woman owned company and they are passionate about what they do, so please support them by buying one of their beautiful pieces! This was my first time shooting on a pink background and I will be doing it a lot more next year, love how these photos turned out. 


In the late fall, I was able to donate my time and do some photos for the staff of the Transgender Law Center.  I hope to donate my time every year to work with one or two non-profits that need professional not so corporate headshots, so if you work somewhere that doesn't have photos or you haven't had new photos in 5+ years, please reach out to us! I deeply respect the work that the Transgender Law Center does and hanging out with their staff was a really awesome afternoon. Keep up the good work, folks!


And I saved the best for last - my niece Isabel is quite a ham and sometimes when she comes to visit, she demands a photo session as well since the studio in my house. So, one afternoon she wanted to do some photos and said the dress she was currently wearing wasn't "sparkly enough" so I went into my closet and pulled out this scarf and necklace. She is hilarious in the studio and these are some of my most favorite images of her ever. 

Hope you enjoyed my studio recap! More to come this week.