Online Dating Photo Guarantee!

Most of you know that I've officially retired from weddings, but there is a loop hole to get me to photograph your wedding. The loop hole is - if you have me shoot your online dating photos and the photo I took of you was the catalyst for you meeting "the one" I will photograph your wedding! This is why I was at City Hall yesterday photographing my client's wedding! Clem came to me in April 2014 for some online dating photos. We met in downtown SF and took a bunch of photos around 3rd and Market Street. Here's a few of my favorites including the photo that he used on his dating profile that helped him meet the beautiful Lauren.

So, when I got an email from Clem telling me that he met a special lady and my photo was the reason why I was elated! They both have kids from a previous relationship and as a child that grew up in a mixed family I was stoked to photograph their wedding and have their 3 sons involved. Here's a few of my favorites from yesterday's wedding at City Hall.

If you've hired me to do your online dating photos and you're getting married, don't forget to reach out to me. We have many things to talk about!