Golden Art Show at Rare Device

My apologies for being so MIA on the blog this year. I've decided to step back from a lot of social media (other than Instagram & Pinterest) and sadly blogging is part of that stepping back, but when you have something as exciting as this upcoming art show with Lisa Congdon you gotta shout it out!

On Friday, May 1st from 6pm-9pm at Rare Device (600 Divisidero) is the opening of my show, Golden, which is a series of photographs that I took of Frederick the golden dinosaur and his friends, along with beautiful hand lettering by my good friend, Lisa Congdon. I'll have a bunch of show specials at the opening like actual golden dinos to buy, magnets, greeting cards, mini prints, unframed prints and prints. Hope to see you there and if you can't make it to the show to buy a print, you can buy them online on Rare Device's website throughout the month of May.

The origin story of this show goes back to last year when I took a break from shooting photos for The Identity Project and decided to spray paint a bunch of stuff gold and then photograph it. Frederick the golden dinosaur, was born during this time and he's actually named after my beloved Grandfather that passed away in 2000. Frederick is a way for me to express my sense of humor and I sure do love making him miniature clothes and doing fun set ups for his adventures in the studio. I started posting pictures of Frederick on my Instagram account and because of the response, I knew that I had something special.

So, how did Golden come about? Well, let's step back for a minute cause I gotta give Lisa Congdon a huge shout out for helping me with this project. I've been a fan of Lisa Congdon for a very long time and honestly you can't be a creative person and not know who she is! There's so many things that I love about Lisa, but first and foremost is how extremely generous she is and the ways in which she supports other artists to pursue their dreams. Have you picked up a copy of her book, Art Inc yet? You totally should if you're trying to or want to be a professional artist.

She is one of the most inspirational people I know and she deserves every single success that comes her way. I really respect prolific hard working people - to get a sample of everything she's accomplished, go to her website and click on SHOP, wow, right?! 

I also love that she found her love of art/painting later in life, that part of her story has always resonated with me because I didn't decide to become a professional photographer until I was 35. Fast forward to the early part of last year when Lisa was part of The Identity Project with her wife, Clay, (I think this is the first time we met face to face) and I was honored to photograph her twice in her studio, you can see a bunch of my photos on her gorgeous new website. We became fast friends and now we both run successful businesses with our wives. Yeah!

Golden is a collaboration that I am so excited about because it takes some of my favorite things, photos of Frederick the golden dino, and then Lisa's beautiful hand lettering takes it to a whole other level. Wanna know where I got the quotes? I spent a few hours on Pinterest looking at the most popular motivational/inspirational quotes and then there's a few that are sentimental to me like the quote from Wayne's World. I'm deeply honored to have collaborated with Lisa in this way and although she can't be at the show (she recently relocated to Portland) she'll be there in spirit and I'm eternally grateful to have worked with her on this show.

Here's a few of the prints that we made - there will be 22 in total:

In closing, I am stoked to share some promo shots with you that my friend Erin Conger took of me in Clarion Alley earlier this week. She's a super talented photographer and I can't wait to share the rest of them once the show is over. 

Hope to see you there and please send me an email through this website if you have any questions!